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We asked our beloved Rock & Roll friends and family for some reviews of our products....if you’re easily offended look away now!

Manny Elias, Bongo's Rock & Roll Chilli Pickles

“It’s really, really delicious and the Chilli Crush was absolutely fabulous! It has a long flavour that keeps developing.”

Lloyd Grossman at the NoW Foods tasting, Chester University


“Enjoying my Millimanjaro with cheese and crackers. It’s made my day that bit more rock & Roll!

Dan Hepner via FB


"Chillimanjaro is the "peak" of pickle perfection!"

Andrew Arditti, via email



"Just wanted to say I how much I enjoyed the Firework sauce. Bought a jar at the Liverpool Organic Brewery spring beer festival at Cains Brewery. It is very hot and don't normally like jerk based flavours, but this was exceptional. Heat and a real depth of flavour, so thank you. I will post something of FB and twitter too. Also, just looking at your fonts on your products, are you a fan of Iron Maiden by chance?"

Paul Rigney, via email


"These chilli recipes are by far the best I have ever tasted. Second to none, simple. It's like a little jar full of India that gets the taste buds flowing like the Ganges. It brings any food to life so add it to whatever you like and experiment because this stuff is amazing. A must for every cupboard. If these little jars of eastern promise don't set the culinary world on fire I don't know what will. Eat and enjoy" 

Tony Mortimer, singer/songwriter


“Must buy @BongosRockNRoll Pickles folks! Got some yesterday and it FIRED UP the casserole I had for dinner!”

Andy Bell via Twitter


“The chilli jam is fantastic!” 

Chief Mechanic via Twitter

"The Pickles arrived this morning safe and sound. "WOW"- they are superb I've already had the Chillimanjaro twice today!!!! A big thanks to you and Manny I'm already "Head over Heels" (sorry couldn't resist it) for these and we will be ordering a good few more! Cheers and my kindest regards."

Chris Nichols via email.


“This is the best chilli pickle in the world (Millimanjaro) That’s why I keep sharing their stuff folks! You might think I am joking, but I am deadly serious: Tomorrow or Wednesday I am going to run out of Millimanjaro. I need to buy more. tell me where I can get it - I will travel!!!!”

Jonathan Rule via FB


"I'm carefully scraping every last trace of Chillimanjaro out of the jar and onto my pasta!! I know my new supplies are on their way but feel a bit like when I was a smoker and down to my last fag! I have this on cooked breakfast, salad Nicosia, Caesar Salad, chops, curry, pasta! There is no meal that cannot be immeasurably improved by this magic stuff - completely addicted!!!!!!"

Lynda Sackett Via FB


“That Chilli Pickle of yours is outstanding. Tried putting a spoonful in a tomato and aubergine pasta sauce today and it was delicious. all the best for 2015!” 

Will Clark via FB


“Last week I relinquished my Food Festival virginity and visited Chester with my better half. Not knowing what to expect, we strode into the first hall mightily hungry hoping to be met by stand upon stand of free tasting food. Ah well.... McDonalds' coffee stirring sticks to dip into pate and slivers of cheese are apparently the reality. However.... rather soon, my better half pointed quite excitedly at one particular stall and as my eyes followed, there amongst the pretentious and the tat.... Was Mrs Bongo... With a top hat and a big smile, four samples of various chilli based delights and a sort of thin pitta offering ( half the size of a postage stamp )..... But a whole teacup of them! My element; I was in.

To cut an increasingly long story short... I am a HUGE chillies fan: my curries have privately become legend and much sought after... ( the women love the chicken/sweet potato and the lads the beef skirt and rooster) so I just had to try the Spicy Hot Chilli Pickle. I must say..... This is the most incredible, delicious concoction I have ever tasted. I'm in love. And the missus doesn't mind. She is worried that I used nearly half a jar (131.5g) in one sitting with an omelette I cooked. OMG is the in phrase these days. My omelettes can never be without its new soul mate. My friends......  and their friends shall all know about this new wonder... And I shall be putting an order in as soon as I have finished singing your praises. Reggae reggae sauce? Pah!” 

Steve Toyer via email


“Grabbed a selection of your goodies at The Chester Food Festival over Easter Weekend. The ChilliJAMjaro Hot Chilli Jam was opened as we thought it might go quite well with some cheese Doritos...We were right! The jar didn’t last 5minutes! Epitastic Awesomeness!” 

Gareth Johnson Via FB 


“Received your Chillimanjaro from a friend and it’s fair to say I’m addicted already!”

Keith McComish via FB


“I’m still loving the ChilliJAMjaro, I think it’s my 4th jar now!”

Wayne Griesau via FB


“My husband had some of your goodies for a Xmas Box and he is blown away. He said “Oh my life they are gorgeous!” so I would like to thank you for such wonderful quality products. He didn’t just like it, he LOVED it!”

Dawn Lucock via FB


"Barney tried the Firework Jerk. i went to try it and he said "DON'T - You are dealing with forces none of us can control here. You are out of your league!"

Jonathan Rule via FB


“I first came across Bongo's Chili pickle at the Taste Cheshire Market just before Christmas last year. As I am a lover of hot, spicy foods especially chili's I thought that I had struck gold. So I worked my way through the samples that Debs and her mother had lovingly laid out for us to try. I worked my way up through the mildest to the hottest I could try. I got as far as the Chilimanjaro, I was hooked. It was spot on, for me not too hot but still had a lovely flavor to the pickle. I have it with everything. You name it, it's on it. There is a hotter pickle that Bongo has graced us with but as I'm a veggie I couldn't try it. But not to be disheartened within 2 months of me asking if he could make this veggie friendly he has, what a legend. If you can take anything from this, please do try it, you'll be hooked, I was. Thank you guys!”

Matt Bray via FB


“ChilliJAMjaro is so good it should be illegal. Chillimanjaro - I don’t know how you can make something so tasty!” 

@dukster777 via Twitter



Amos Cooper via FB


“Dear Mr Bongo. Your Chillimanjaro arrived this morning thank you very much. l have to say that you have excelled yourself with this pickle! The mixture of flavours, colour and consistency makes you want to gently dip your finger in to it, and when you do "Whoa" the tastes go on and on so you just have try some more. The jar won't last long!!!!”

Robbie Blunt, guitarist (Robert Plant, Jeff Healey, John Kilzer)


“Bought some chillimanjaro on sat in Chester, amazing!!! Will you be in Chester every weekend at the market??”

Kev Harrower, via FB


“Hi I bought one of your products about a month ago in Warrington and my girlfriend surprised me with more on Saturday (all three of them) they are amazing, some of my work mates have tried them and they are impressed, and there asking for me to get them some, is there anyway of ordering online somehow? I will be seeing you in Stockton heath though for definite.”

James Vance, Via FB


“Many thanks for tasting session last Saturday and your company next to our stall and as for the jar of Chillimanjaro I purchased going down very well and taste is hard to describe as it is so unique & perfect,only problem it is so hard to resist Thank you”

Alan Turner, Via FB


“Hi, We met you on Saturday and tasted your amazing chillies at the Chester winter wonderland and wondered if we could collect 2 x of the three jars you have? We've had a few friends around tonight and want to get some extra for Christmas and new year they are soooo yummy and highly recommended!”

Tracy Griffith, Via FB


“It is a great Indian pickle and makes a real change to the chilli

jams/sauces that are everywhere. Even my 82 year old Mum enjoyed it but as I mentioned she does love a curry!!!” 

Debbie Dexter from "Sow Seeds"


“What’s Chillimanjaro? Come back and ask me when you finish puberty my son!” 

Sir Raleigh Squiggins


“It’s dynamite in a jar that goes with everything!” Neil Simmonds


“Chillimanjaro was great! We had some last night! 10/10”


“Totally relieves my social Jet lag!”


“I popped the lid and it took me right back to a brilliant little restaurant I went to lots of times on The Tioman Island, Malaysia!”

Ellie Jones, Dingley Dell Collective


“I took a jar back to Guyana - a country revered for its tasty hot and spicy wiri-wiri sauce...but Bongo's pickles never touched the sides!   WE WAAANT MORE!!!”



“The hottest thing I’ve tasted since that ladyboy in Thailand!”

Cranock Richards, Guitarist


“Just tasted chillimanjaro for the first time! Wow! Why has this taken me so long!!???”

Helen Wilding Hall, Beautiful Bride and Stunning Songwriter.


“My hair grew back, my (manhood) grew 3 inches and I have hair on my chest for the first time in my life! Thank you Bongo’s rock & Roll Pickles!” 

Mr. P.A. Thalogical-Liar.


“Chillimanjaro is the bomb man! I have it administered intravenously in a Swiss clinic in Geneva 3 times a year!” Sir Keith Pilchard, Guitarist.


“I use Bongo’s Rock & Roll Pickles for 3 months straight and can now play Motzart’s 5th on my flute. Thank you, THANK YOU!”

Eileen form Castleford


"excellent range of taste enhancing products that turn the plainest food into a mind blowing experience."

Eric Dempsey via FB


“There was the line - you flirted with it and the line had a kid. That’s how far over the line Bongo’s Rock & Roll Pickles are now!”


“She started it and I finished it with Chillimanjaro!”


“It’s not for wimps....”


“The best thing since Brian May’s underpants!”

Jonny Anchovy, Producer


“I expected I could savour (this lonely jar) and enjoy it for a few weeks. Alas, it has found it's way on to at least a couple of meals a day

 (have you tried "eggs bongo-dict?" simply substitute hollandaise for manjaro!)”

Clutch Henderson, Bass Guitar


“Where is Cheshire?”

Chilli fan, Essex


"Save a fortune on energy bills....Central heating no longer required when Bongochilli is part of your diet. All the heat you need"

Old Fart from Bolton